Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Latin Tangent

Oh dear and it was all going so well; Morfa trundling steadily onwards leavened by the odd stock building escapade for the Ganllwyd Tram and then the notion that it'd be good to have a different micro layout for the Corris Model Railway and Toy Exhibition this August bank holiday. Fatally I decided to give in to some vague Cuban/Latin American leanings and started searching on the net. I started with Bolivia, then onto Cuba and ended up at Haiti. Just look at this gorgeous tramway. I've made a start on finishing off some carriages and an old Roco 0-6-0 body is being forcibly mated to Kato underparts, the aim being to get the bug out of the system promptly.


Michael said...

Excellent! I just started researching the same thing and am loving the look of the elevated trams through Havana. Not like I need something else to model, but they are so great looking.

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