Saturday, 12 September 2015

Coming to a halt

Events have caught up with the  recent reinvigoration of Morfa. A vague notion that we might at some future time decide to downsize from the rambling chapel which is our and Morfa's home has galloped very quickly into view with the result that estate agents have been instructed and work on Morfa has come to a halt. For the moment I'm continuing to enjoy running trains through the broad brush roughed out landscape. Further construction has stopped, and Morfa will develop no further. Here are a few photos of how it looks at the moment.

The stone embankment was created by spreading Heritage non clumping cat litter along the slope between the tracks and the lower ground and water levels. Once I was happy with how it looked I dropped on a pva and water mix with a pipette which set hard after a few days.


Alain SENES said...

How do you have to realize stones which line elevations between the railroad and the banks of the Lake?

Neil said...

Hello Alain,

The stones are cat litter non clumping which I placed dry then dropped on a mix of pva glue and water which stuck the stones together when set

Colin Brass said...

Hi Neil.
New to modeling and trying to set tightest curve possible as space very limited.
All my research led me to your site and I see you created a 10 inch Radius curve. This is just what I am looking for,as I am only intending to run small 0-4-0 trains and freight.
Would you be able to advise me what you used and how you created the 10 inch radius curve, as all I can find is a 15 inch radius and that would be too big.

Thanks in anticipation


Neil said...

Hello Colin, apologies for the delay in replying; I should check my blog more often. I'm afraid that I don't know of any proprietary track system which goes down to 10 inch radius. I used flexitrack (SMP I think) and built my own points.