Friday, 9 April 2010


"...  and the winner in the most bilious livery category goes to ...."

It won't look quite so green when I've finished, well I hope it won't. 

I found that the hardest decision was what colour paint to slap on. With my so called finescale EM models it's easy as I just copy photos of the real thing, but what do I do when confronted with a fictitious loco that will run on a fictitious line purporting to be owned by a fictitious company? As I have a notion that the new layout will be set before the war to end all wars, I sought for something that would hint at Victorian opulence or Edwardian sophistication. My late father in law came to the rescue, one of his old books contained a selection of colour paintings of British locomotives, the majority showing the glory of pre-grouping colour. In the end it was the North Eastern livery that appealed to me most, hence the vibrant green. Once  the lining is applied I'll tone down the loco, trying for a cared for but hard worked look. 


mr-jc said...

Hi Neil.ive just discovered your site. your modeling never fails to inspire me.we must have a chat

Neil said...

Hello John, still twanging the strings?