Saturday 27 March 2010

Bashing the Pug

I'd like to think of myself as having a calm and rational head, even when provoked. Sometimes this image doesn't reflect reality. I hugely enjoy the internet forum ngrm-online it's an absolute goldmine for anyone interested in modelling narrow gauge railways, and I can not recommend it too highly. A few weeks ago the pros and cons of 'pugbashing' became the focus of debate; pugbashing being models hacked out of the old Kitmaster/Airfix/Dapol kit.Amongst all the comments were a couple of rather negative posts that questioned the value of this particular strand of model making. Having done a few bashes in my youth I thought the best response was to give it a go again and see if something worthwhile could result.

Having two and a half pug kits and three Kato mechanisms I took the tram loco route. So far I have the basic loco pretty well finished and in primer, I leave you to judge whether it's thumbs up or down for the model, but I'm happy with it. Loads of fun has been had, the mechanism runs like a dream and I'm planning a small layout that will use this loco and some other items I've got on the stocks.

Tuesday 9 March 2010

Journey Through the Past.

Thanks to my good friend Martin, I've finally got hold of a copy of Model Railway News featuring the gorgeous Ynys Gwyntog. Though built more than forty five years ago I reckon it could still hold it's own in the company of some of today's top models. Though the models in themselves are crisp and tidy rather than outstanding (there's a debate to be had that show stopping excellence could get in the way of reality) I've not seen the composition bettered to this day. The creator of this slice of loveliness is Cyril Burch, a nom de plume I believe for Jack Shortland, the editor of MRN.

If you fancy a first hand look at Ynys Gwyntog, and I urge you to do so, then it's the September '64 edition to look out for. The article refers to others in the series, March and May '63 for coaches with July '63 for signals; it also alludes to planning and track laying also being covered previously, but without specific dates. I will be keeping my eyes peeled.