Thursday 5 March 2015

The kiss of death

I don't know why it is but each time I've started a layout specific blog the project seems to splutter to an undignified halt. I've sort of made up my mind to try a new approach, and to post progress here rather than there. Of course it will somewhat spoil any continuity, but with luck at least there'll be something to read with some regularity in one place. So while I won't be taking down, Morfa, The Ganllwyd Tram and En Vacances, I also won't be adding to them.

By way of recompense here is one of the latest views on Morfa, showing the current scenic progress on the Abertafol curve. By choosing a careful angle I've managed to give an impression that matters are more advanced than they really are, but never mind it does hint at how things might be.

My resin casting blog/website Rushby's Resins bucks this trend and will be updated as and when new products emerge. Hopefully this month I'll have news of the latest resin kit as a start has been made on masters and moulds.