Thursday 8 November 2012

Out of Africa

The chance to review some of the model-making products featured on the Idealo website has given me the opportunity to look closely at items I may have thought interesting but otherwise passed by in search of something more closely connected with my main interests. The Italeri 'African House' is one such product.

Looking at the box it's clearly intended for the wargames market and by extension military modellers seeking a suitable diorama for figures and vehicles. To my eyes it looks distinctly North African and could probably serve as a non specific Mediterranean structure of some age. If built to the instructions it has a good sized 220mm x 180mm footprint,  but viewed as raw material there are 1280mm worth of nicely moulded rough-rendered stone walls as well as a cobbled courtyard surface, two sets of stairs, a dome and some paving.

Stay tuned to see what becomes of this.