Sunday 9 April 2017


Since my last post we've moved home, not a great distance and I still have a decent sized playroom but I'm still in the unpacking phase so model making has taken a back seat. Having said that I managed to make some progress on the vans before my workbench was packed away. The second of the ferry vans was completed to the same stage as its companion, only requiring weathering to finish.

 It was while I was picking out the yellow anchor points that I noticed that the far right ones were missing from the original Hornby mouldings so I fabricated the missing items from black plasticard taking dimensions from those that Hornby included.

Also making progress was the modified kit to represent the night ferry brake van with the birdcage roof. In the end I bought a fresh kit from Parkside as it's much easier to work in the flat and for some resons the sides on my ready built model had started to bow outwards. The photo sequence should illustrate the work done, the white parts being my scratchbuilt additions.

One crucial advantage of buying a fresh kit is that I could use the roof of the ropey ready built example to extend that of the fresh kit to match the longer length of the night ferry brake over the standard PMV.