Tuesday 12 May 2009

Looking Back

When I look in the mirror I'm surprised to see a middle aged bloke staring back at me, it doesn't seem that long ago since I first started mucking about with my trainset. I've an idea that my parents were pleased that I'd found an absorbing and creative hobby, yet regretted the spilt pots of Humbrol on the carpet, the all pervading smell of glue and my inattention to homework. Despite the negatives, I was encouraged in a hobby that has turned out to be a life long interest. Looking at the grey beard, and the hair heading that way, I thought I'd try and make sense of the passing years by examining the models made and layouts built over the years.


Anonymous said...

Love Shell Island and the pics of Morfa...
Would love to see some more stuff on Morfa as your time permits. As an aside, supposedly there was a floolw up article on Shell Island but have not been able to find reference to it to try and get a copy.

Alain SENES said...

Really good picture !
I like it very very well.

Alain SENES said...

Hello i came back !
It's possible publishing this picture on my blog,
With your autorisation ?