Tuesday 17 November 2009

Chipboard Monster

I've been looking back through the blog and it appears that I've not made mention of my big trainset. I've either been very lucky or very good but the fate has smiled upon me in the shape of a large playroom which I'm free to fill with toys. In it I'm building a model of Morfa Mawddach, the junction of the Cambrian Coast and Dolgellau lines. Actually I'm building a part fact, part fiction version of the station; I might at some time be persuaded to divulge the back story but for now all you need to know is that I can cherry pick the bits I like and conveniently ignore those I don't.

At the moment the baseboards are about 75% complete, some track has been laid at the site of Morfa station, the stock (the same as used on Shell Island) doesn't require much in the way of augmentation, some structures are finished and some are under way. Don't expect much in the way of updates, as the layout is deliberately long term in nature, but I might show how I've tackled some of the aspects from time to time.

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Chris Ford said...

Wow! Serious engineering.