Sunday 26 June 2016

Gloom lifts

While matters in politics-land still seem both confused and unsatisfactory, the world of trains has brought some joy back to the world. The first being a day of fun on the Corris Railway topped off by the chance to drive the new O&K diesel up and down the line from Maespoeth.

Today I've made a little progress fettling and repairing some items of HO stock, a van and a tanker.

Though neither was a big job there was a good deal of satisfaction to be had just by repairing something broken.


Anonymous said...

Is it significant that they are all European Prototypes?

Neil said...

Yes and no. Obviously Europe has been at the forefront of most peoples minds, but for some years I've been putting together a collection of continental HO stock with the idea of an industrial Belgian layout (though I have some Italian stock too). The O&K diesel just happened to br the one I was offered a drive of; the Corris also has a Ruston and a Simplex.