Sunday 11 December 2016

Through to the continent ....

.... by British Rail.

Quite a lot of things have happened since my last post almost six months ago. Matters have been mainly driven by a decision taken even longer ago to sell our current home and move a few miles to somewhere less remote and a bit flatter. To cut a long story short Morfa was dismantled earlier this year, a few buildings saved and the rest tipped or burned in our boiler. Thoughts turned to its eventual replacement and those thoughts have been coloured by nearby friends who have adopted a common standard of OO gauge, dcc control and tension lock (preferably the latest Bachmann pattern) couplings. 

So the opportunity to make a break from my previous Cambrian Coast theme has presented itself. At the moment this has only been manifest in the gradual accumulation of stock. The latest items to have passed by my workbench have been a pair of Triang Hornby ferry vans bought for a bargain price no doubt on account of the unsuitable liveries; white with Transfesa and Fyfes markings.

To get from here to where I wanted to be with the model involved lowering and fixing the axle/spring assemblies, arranging for pivoting, smaller couplers, getting rid of the lower door runners so that they were flush with the solebars, fixing the door in place, ridding the roof of the circular moulding in its centre, applying paint and finally transfers. It was pleasant, reasonably undemanding work which spread out over a week or so. I'm pleased how a little work has unlocked the potential of a model which basically looked right though compromised by the pivoting wheel sets and sliding door.

There's still some detail painting to do and a spot of weathering as well, but my thoughts are already turning to another stock project which should also align with my Europhile tendencies. Here's the rather ropey starting point.

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