Tuesday 16 June 2009

How Green Was My Valley.

It's a big hurrah as I've finished the basic scenery on Chwarel Bach, the posh name for the pizza. I've dusted off one of the lines passenger coaches for the occasion, though if you look closely it's obvious that there's some work still to be done in the coupling department. I'm looking forward to a bit of gentle pottering as I add detail and further structure to the layout. But for nowI'm happy to sit back and admire the scene bathed in the evening sun.


Iain Robinson said...

This shot has the feel of Manod quarry about it, except that there weren't any nice coaches there. There's a bit at the top of Manod incline that has a little bridge just like yours, but submerged in slate debris.

I always think this is the best bit of a model, the pottering about adding details. Enjoy!

Neil said...

Thanks for the kind comment Iain. I'm afraid that I don't know Blaenau as well as I should (it's only an hour to the north of me) but I'm glad to hear it captures something of the atmosphere.