Wednesday 3 June 2009

Preview ....

Persuasive fellows these men of the cloth; I've been talked into both contributing a short piece on Shell Island towards a book and taking it to the Tywyn model railway show this year. Mind you given that to all intents and purposes they are professional speakers then shouldn't be too surprised. The Tywyn show is on the 25th of July this year; I'll post further details nearer the time. I believe that the book will be out later than this, certainly my copy won't be delivered until about the same time. By way of a preview for both here are a couple of shots of the layout.


Roger said...

Hi Neil
I'm so impressed with what I've seen of Shell Island - it looks excellent on the front of Paul Lunn's recent book. Please post some more pictures when you can! Any other show invites apart from Tywyn? Do you know more details regarding the book yet?

franckcombe said...

Hi Neil,

Since many years I seen your layout and I am always stunned by the atmosphere, design, ambiance and the way you did it. You are a fantastic modeler.

franckcombe said...


what is the dimension of this fantastic layout.

all the best