Wednesday 8 July 2009

Every Cloud.

As the date for the Corris Model Railway Show draws ever closer (August bank holiday weekend if you want to plan ahead) I'm taking every possible opportunity to push the pizza towards acceptability if not completion. A terribly wet afternoon yesterday, meant fencing, undergrowth and a few trees appeared on the layout. I've also added chimney pots and ridge tiles to the cottage which is now ready to be bedded in, though this still remains undone.


James said...

That looks superb Neil!

Despite its small size it is very convincing indeed!

Iain Robinson said...

It's looking very good! I'm now picking up a Croesor vibe from that little cottage (Y Bwthyn Gwyn?) and the placing of the trees and wall at the back is very convincing.

I'll try and catch up with the model at the Corris event.