Friday 17 July 2009

The Return of Mojo

It's obviously been a good year for growing as the varied shades of green have spread over most of the pizza. Actually I've gone from happy with the scenery here to a spell of disenchantment with some of the stock I'm putting together for The Isle of Avalon Tramway. I've been doing all the right things, and I'm fairly happy with my workmanship it's just that the result is a bit, well, pants. In an effort to try and get my head in the right place with it all, I spent this afternoon sorting out the pizza's camper/mess van. It was in bits with all the glazing out as I'd removed it so I could waft over some Testors Dullcote, to knock back the high gloss finish of the van body. So concurrent with sticking the glazing back in (5 minute Araldite) I've been tinkering with the chassis to engineer a proper fix. The resulting solution is a plasticard base plate glued into the body, resting on the original road chassis mounting lugs. This base plate has captive nuts front and back which the Kato mechanism is bolted to, obviously there's also a suitably shaped and sized cut out to clear the motor. Overall I'm rather happy with this as I seem to have my modelling mojo back. Hurrah.

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